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Every so often I get a call from someone seeking advice about a piano they are considering buying. Usually, the question is along the lines of "what should I be looking for?" or "how much do you think the piano is worth?".

While it is impossible to say what a piano is worth without having looked at it, there are some basic things a person should keep in mind when considering the purchase of a piano:

  • What is the general condition of the case(woodwork) ?
  • Does the piano still have the original bench ?
  • Is the piano up to pitch, compared to a reference(pitch pipe,harmonica,etc) ?
  • What is the condition of the keyboard? Missing or chipped keys?
  • Do all of the keys work?
  • How does the piano sound? Bright? Dull?
  • Do the pedals all work?

The above list is by no means complete or exhaustive. I encourage people looking at a piano to call me( preferably when they are near the piano, and armed with a bright flash-light). I am glad to receive such calls, because I will likely be talking to a future tune-up customer.

E-mail: jmharter@msn.com   Call or text 503-409-2814