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Often times people call with questions concerning their piano. Some of the most frequently asked questions are:                                                                       

How much does it cost to have my piano tuned?

How long will it take to tune my piano?

How soon can you get to it?

I have some keys that stick, or don't play. Can you fix these too?

One of the foot pedals on my piano doesn't work. Can you fix this?

Can you recommend someone to move my piano?

The typical tune-up costs $95. In fact, only replacement of a missing or broken part will result in a charge of more than $95. Basically, my policy is "No Surprises". Tuning normally requires one and a half to two hours, depending on how cooperative the piano is. However, regardless of how long it takes, the charge is $95. Usually a tuning can be scheduled within two or three days following phone contact, sometimes on the same day, depending on circumstances. Often, a piano will require a bit of TLC in addition to a tuning. For example, piano keyboards are vulnerable to small objects like paper clips, coins, etc that get lodged between keys. Sometimes, when a piano is moved, the owner notices that one of the pedals no longer works. Or, once in a while, a hammer shank has broken, and needs to be reglued. More often than not, these problems can be resolved with no additional charge.

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Sometimes people call wanting a recommendation for someone to move their piano, or they are looking for someone to refinish their piano, or someone in their area who teaches piano. Or, maybe they are considering buying a piano, or trying to decide whether to keep or sell a piano they just inherited. These are all questions  I am glad to help with.